Turn to us for Chiropractic Care Services and more!

Suitland Metropolitan Rehabilitation and Recovery Center

We give you the confidence you need in a personal injury/workers compensation case.

Here's how!

• A combination of medical, chiropractic and physiotherapy rehabilitation services
• Advanced diagnostic equipment
• Excellent treatment and results
• Detailed exams and notes

At Suitland Metropolitan Rehabilitation and Recovery Center (SMRRC) we offer the best that modern medicine has to offer. Specializing in persons injury and workers compensation cases, our offices understand the importance of communication between the doctor, the patient and the attorney. Our medical doctors are board certified and have various specialties.

SMRRC doctors oversee the patient's progress from the Mittel intake to the patient's discharge. Our chiropractors have ancillary procedure privileges with a broad knowledge in injury rehabilitation which can be a benefit to a personal injury or workers compensation victim.

Our team would love to work with you. For information about our services, call 301-636-4249

Services We Offer Our Patients

You can count on us for comprehensive health assessments and physical examinations if you are injured. We provide the following to ensure your safe and effective rehabilitation:

  • Chiropractic
  • Physical Therapy (Therapeutic Exercises and Activities)
  • Orthopedic
  • Pain Management
  • Psychiatry

When you choose us, we offer flexible appointment hours to meet your busy schedule. We also offer transportation services within a six mile radius to and from our state-of-the-art clinic for your convenience.