Providing Medical Reports to Our Patients’ Attorneys

Attorney Benefits

  • Multi-doctor, multi-specialty clinics that give you comprehensive opinions on your client's conditions from medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, neurologists and orthopedists.
  • Comprehensive, detailed narrative reports.
  • Quick response to your request for updates and additional information.
  • Detailed reports of injury, examination, and daily progress notes needed to support necessity of treatment.
  • Competitive prices on independent medical exams.
  • Pertinent testing that provides objective data documenting your client's condition.

Doctor/Attorney Relations

The success of any relationship depends on communication! We provide the attorneys representing our patients with regular written correspondence. We are available for discussion on any case as it necessitates. We understand how insurance adjusters feel about soft tissue injury cases and strive to educate them with supportive diagnostic tests. We have strong relationships with neurological and orthopedic specialist and outsource services when needed.

Cost containment is a growing concern in the insurance and medical professions. Our primary interest is the patient's welfare and recovery. We regularly use in-house measures to maintain cost containment without sacrificing the quality of treatment our patients deserve. Because we have successfully developed a personal injury practice, we have also developed successful office procedures. Our staff has handled hundreds of personal injury and workers compensation cases. We understand terminology, procedures, ICDA/CPT and RBRVS coding and realize the importance of confidentiality. While the attorneys represent our patients, our offices provide routine admissions, progress, discharge, x-ray/ diagnostic and other pertinent reports. Medical narrative reports, pre-trial conferences and testimony are provided upon request.

To maintain high working standards in our clinics and a good relationship with the attorney's office, we establish direct communication with paralegals and secretaries.

Our staff looks forward to serving your client's needs. We welcome you to visit our clinics.