A Chiropractic Clinic That Focuses on
Personal Injuries

We have a team of doctors that specializes in motor vehicle accidents, work injuries and sports-related injuries.

At Suitland Metropolitan Rehabilitation and Recovery Center (SMRRC), we are committed to helping our clients restore their bodies to their healthiest state so they can enjoy an active and productive lifestyle. We do this through physical therapy, wherein we focus on the rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries, particularly those caused by accidents, including work-related ones.

About Us

Suitland Metropolitan Rehabilitation and Recovery Center is committed to helping restore its clients to maximum health so they can enjoy an active and productive lifestyle. Specializing in soft tissue injuries, particularly those gained through personal injury and workers compensation cases, the medical staff at, SMRRC uses chiropractic care and physical therapy to help clients rediscover optimum wellness. At SMRRC, we work to find the cause of your problem, not just treat the symptoms. We combine traditional, gentle chiropractic treatments and therapies with the latest innovative technologies to give you the best treatment experience possible.

Dedicated to the health and well-being of our patients, we use the true principles of chiropractic care to relieve client pain. We tailor our services to each person's unique musculoskeletal problems and work with patients to recover maximum health and develop long-term health goals.

Chiropractic Treatment

Our chiropractors are skilled in treating patients in soft tissue injuries and assisting in pain management. And, if your injuries go beyond their expertise, they will refer you to a specialist who can better address your specific need.

Prompt diagnosis and treatment of your injuries by an experienced auto injury chiropractor will reduce recovery time and increase the effectiveness of your chiropractic treatment.

Why Choose Us

Expert Medical Care

Our medical doctors and chiropractors are experienced in the management of trauma and work-related injuries. In addition, we are prepared to provide credible presentations in the form of medical narrative reports, depositions and testimony if needed.

We have learned that a "credible presentation" requires:

  • Credentials
  • Facts and Documentation
  • Professional Speaking Abilities
  • Supportive Research
  • Models and Illustrations

Our doctors have the credentials and the experience to place them at the top of their profession. Backed by the latest journals, supportive research and excellent speaking abilities, our doctors present case facts utilizing illustrations and models to help people understand and accept injuries.

When preparing medical testimony, we organize the patient's file for efficient information retrieval. We know the importance of being prepared when being examined and are not intimidated by insurance experts.

Exceptional Service

We offer flexible appointment hours to meet the needs of our clients with busy schedules. Our team offers our services through third-party billing, meaning that you don’t have to pay up front.

We also provide transportation services within a six mile radius of our location.